The perfect balanced breakfast

Easy and yummy 

#1 : Start with one slice of your favourite multi-grains/ smulti-seeds full or goodness bead toasted  ( I use little norther bake house gluten free vegan seeds & grain loaf)

#2 : Spread a little layer of Earth Island Vegenaise chipotle for a little of kick! (This is optional if your not vegan you can make your own chipotle mayo)

#3 : Add 1/2 of a sliced avocado 

#4 : Add sautéed mixed mushrooms ( I use oyster mushrooms, shiitake and cremini mushrooms)

#5 : Add a couple of pea spouts ( if you can't find any you can une spinach or other greens)

#6 : Last but not least an egg the way you like it. (If you are vegan, this is optional you can add more avocado or a little slice of tofu or substitute of your choice)


21 days Of greatness

Why 21 day? 

According to lots of people it takes 21 days to kick in a habit.

So what i would love you to try is this 21 days of goodness.

First start your day with a green smoothie, then try to plan your day around doing one yoga class a day, if this is to demanding for your schedule, then try to fit in at least 30 minutes of exercise and 5 minutes of meditation. The exercise can be a nice walk, run, bike or any sport you like to practice, just to get moving. Then try and eat healthy, I'm not asking you to eat salad all day, only to try and stay clear from any sugars, except Local raw honey from your area or pure maple syrup. Noting artificial or chemically made. Try and stay away from gluten, wheat and bread. Replacing it by quinoa, wild or brown rice. Stay away from Soy and all products with Soy. Soy is not what it use to be and its creating so much damage to our bodies. Soy should never be part of anyones diet. You will be surprised how they sneak Soy in almost every product, replace your Soy sauce by Tamari sauce. Try and stay away from diary, replacing it with almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, hemp... But NOT SOY.  Find fresh ingredients, noting pre-made and store bought. Then try to refrain from coffee and caffeine, if this is a big step for you then try and reduce it to one a day and nothing after 4pm and maybe around day 14 you might not need the caffeine anymore. This 21 days will be challenging but so rewarding. Some of these health habits will stick and will continue to make you healthier and stronger.

For your Green Smoothie, here are multiple options

-2 cups of greens, spinach, kale, swiss chard, romaine and try to mix or alternate

-one fruit of your choice, Banana, pear pineapple....

-1/2 and avocado

-seeds for boost, Flax, Hemp, Hem harts chia seeds ....

-and to boost your metabolism, add fresh ginger, fresh turmeric(this is real good for joint pain), macha powder, bee pollen, fish oil, cinnamon ...

-And finally what you have been waiting for, a sweeting agent, 1/2 or 1 tbs of local raw honey or pure maple sirup. The local raw honey can be purchased at a farmers market or any health food store in your neighbourhood, why do I say Local, as it will help you not only to make your smoothie taste great but 1 table spoon of honey a day can help prevent seasonal allergies.




Starting your day with a good and refreshing Juice to boost your metabolism and clean your insides

Juice together and Shake

  • One Pear
  • One Apple
  • One Lemon
  • One inch of fresh Ginger
  • 1/4 of a tea spoon of cayenne 
  • 1/4 of a tea spoon of turmeric 

Shake well add water or coconut water to taste en enjo


Yummy things

Eating healthy doesn't mean that it has to taste bad, it is actually the opposite. If you eat good fresh local ingredients your taste buds and your body will be so grateful. So stay away from store bought products and take the time to make what goes into your body from scratch.