The perfect balanced breakfast

Easy and yummy 

#1 : Start with one slice of your favourite multi-grains/ smulti-seeds full or goodness bead toasted  ( I use little norther bake house gluten free vegan seeds & grain loaf)

#2 : Spread a little layer of Earth Island Vegenaise chipotle for a little of kick! (This is optional if your not vegan you can make your own chipotle mayo)

#3 : Add 1/2 of a sliced avocado 

#4 : Add sautéed mixed mushrooms ( I use oyster mushrooms, shiitake and cremini mushrooms)

#5 : Add a couple of pea spouts ( if you can't find any you can une spinach or other greens)

#6 : Last but not least an egg the way you like it. (If you are vegan, this is optional you can add more avocado or a little slice of tofu or substitute of your choice)